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As an appreciation of Indonesian President Gus Dur and Buya Syafii Maarif struggle to promote pluralism, on the 11 February 2010, Damien Dematra, as the writer of several novels about Gus Dur and Buya Syafii initiated the idea of making a movement to support pluralism in Indonesia called Pluralism Care Movement, at the book launch of Si Anak Kampoeng (The Kampung Boy) in the hall of Muhammadiyah, Jakarta. This very idea was immediately embraced by the society leaders such as Buya Syafii Maarif, Prof Din Syamsudin, Sofyan Wanandi, Monsignor Suharyo, Sudhamek, Prof Malik Fajar, and many more, and they gave their signatures to support this movement. On the three following days, from 12 up to 14 February, Damien Dematra contacted the community leaders who didn't attend the book launch and they were very keen and willing to take part of this movement as the initiators. Among them are Gus Mus, KH. Said Agil Siroj, KH. Masdar, Anita Wahid, Monsignor Johannes Pudjo, Pastor Gomar, Monk Panyavaro, Kang Sobari, and many more. Click here to read more of them.




Building pluralistic societies that live in harmony despite of differences.



 To spread the values of peace and pluralism.



Our Programs

1. Organizing discussion forum "Pluralism" regularly.
2. Conducting essays competition about pluralism in local neighborhood.
3. Holding drawing competition about pluralism.
4. Making social commercial to socialize pluralism.
5. Working together with Gramedia to publish books about pluralism.
6. Making documentary films about pluralism.
7. Collecting one million supporters of Pluralism Care Movement.



Research Relating to Peace & Pluralism Index In The Regions

casionally Pluralism Care Movement conducted research relating to Peace and Pluralism index in the regions. Informations are shared with goverment offices, universities and religious institutions.


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