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Talks between Damien Dematra, Coordinator of Pluralism Care Movement, and Florida Mayor, Craig Lowe, is Facilitated by BBC International

There has been an intensive dialogue on Wednesday, 8th of September, morning, from 00.00-00.30 (at local time) between the Coordinator of Pluralism Care Movement, Damien Dematra, and the Mayor of Gainesville, Florida, Craig Lowe, where the “Burn Koran Day” initiated by Pastor Terry Jones from Dove World Outreach Centre is going to take place.

The dialogue consisted of:
1. Florida government has restricted Pastor Terry Jones from conducting the occasion.
2. Florida government is going to hold “A Pluralism and Solidarity Day” on the coming 11 September where thousands of people from various religious groups and races are going to attend to stand for their position against this “Burn Koran Day”.
3. Florida government condemned Terry Jones’ crazy idea, but due to the First Amendment relating to freedom of speech, they could only give fine if the Pastor is going to continue his plan.

After the talks, Damien Dematra has urged BBC to proceed facilitating him speaking directly to Pastor Terry Jones. He said that he wanted Terry Jones to be able to hear the consequences that could occur should he keep continue doing his plan.

BBC has promised to continue putting their best effort to facilitate the dialogue between Terry Jones from Dove Outreach Centre and Damien Dematra from the Indonesian Pluralism Care Movement.

Damien Dematra (National Coordinator of Pluralism Care Movement)
E-mail: damiendematra@gmail.com




Pictures in Damien Dematra’s web (www.damiendematra.com) can be used for press purpose.

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