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Dear Dr. Jones,


I feel very sorry for you. I would like to suggest you to learn from Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Gus Dur. Therefore, I invite you to come to Indonesia or at least, read the book about these inspiring people to understand the true meaning of faith and divinity. Don’t learn from Hitler who exterminating other people and their faith for thinking that he was the most righteous.

Alternatively, do mind to swap your body with ours and change place, just for one day, on the September 11, 2010. You’ll become an Ulama. Dr. Terry Jones, the Kiai, a teacher of Islam.

Let’s consider that Damien Dematra suddenly got a crazy idea to gather 1500 people in Florida to burn Al-Al-Qur'an, your sacred scripture.

How would you feel? Are you happy? Sad? Hurt? Angry? Glad?

I’m begging you to accept this offer, as it will determine what group you’re in. Gandhi's group or Hitler's group? The dove-hearted person or wolf-hearted person?

We, the land of pluralistic country, who believes in the good old value of “Unity in Diversity”, or in our old language, “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”, send you warm regards.

We hope you would consider this offer and fulfill our request.


Damien Dematra



National Coordinator of Pluralism Care Movement




Pictures in Damien Dematra’s web (www.damiendematra.com) can be used for press purpose.

Other press releases and about Pluralism Care Movement can be viewed in: www.gerakanpedulipluralisme.com or www.pluralismcaremovement.com