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His Excellency Mr. Barrack H. Obama


The United State of America



Your Excellency,


Since the last few weeks the news about the plan of Dove World Outreach Center Church in the United States tu burn the Koran in the former World Trade Centre rubble, in New York on September 11, 2010 was widely. Certainly we, the churches in Indonesia are very much shocked about it.


As we all know, the Al-Quran is the moslem Holy Book, which has Significantly much contributed to human civilization. For Moslems, the Qur’an is not only an element of worship, but it is God’s revelation which is believed to be given to them through the Prophet Muhammad. Therefore, the action of burning the Koran is uncivilized act and it will only provoke hatred and hostility.


Aside from that, the act of Koran burning would have a huge negative impact, not only in the U.S. but also in the whole world up to Indonesia. We are very worried, because it would threaten good relations between Christian and Moslems in various parts of the world which would bring hatred to moslems against Christian congregation.


We are all quite aware that Mr. President is someone who is very tolerant and of wide insight. We also know that you are one of the leaders of the world peace. We very much welcome the new approach are you doing in America’ relationships with the moslem world and the middle east. Therefore, through this letter we seek your kind attention that you, Mr. President, with all the power on your hand, presumably to be able to block or cancle the action plan of the Qur’an burning. Moreover, we strongly expect that you, dear Mr President, can call for peace to all U.S. citizens in order to maintain good relations with noslems and for the sake of world peace.


May The peace of Christ always reconcile all of our hearts.



Executive Board

The Communion of Churches in Indonesia


Rev. Dr. A.A Yewangoe ( General Chairperson )  Rev Gomar Gultom, Mth ( General secretary )



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